Market Research and Sales Prospects

In Brief About The Client

SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH (SVA) is one of the leading German system integrators in the fields of data centre infrastructure. The company was founded in 1997 and its headquarters are in Wiesbaden. The company has 650 employees located in 16 offices around Germany. SVA focuses on delivering the best results for its customers by combining high-quality IT products with solid project know-how and managerial flexibility.

Andreas Mousset

SVA Compliance & Security and SVA Software Manager

„We were looking for a partner that could offer us full marketing support and which would be able to deliver measurable results in a transparent way.”

The Challenge

SVA was interested in the industry 4.0 market. It wanted to know the strategies pursued by its potential customers and whether there was a specific demand for consulting and IT integration.

The Solution

During the first phase, innotec Marketing, together with SVA, developed a metric to measure the project success as well as a questionnaire to evaluate the market demand. Afterwards, innotec Marketing worked closely with the SVA team to identify prospects that could generate sales leads and analysed critical data related to customer challenges and possible SVA solutions. The project progression was reported to SVA on a regular basis in order to share valuable insights for the business.

Benefits / Results

SVA received a detailed analysis of their target market. As a result, the company succeeded in reaching valuable sales prospects and the project targets were exceeded.