Establishment of a Global Support Team

In Brief About The Client

A global marketing analytics company providing the world’s first “marketing integration engine” for enterprises, agencies, publishers and platforms. Our clients’ software-as-service (SaaS) platform gives marketers the ability to connect all of their data sources together to form a single source of legitimacy for more efficient reporting, better decision making and complete control over their marketing performance. Our clients’ best-in-class combination of end-to-end data management, machine learning (AI) technology, and high-performance architecture makes it simple for data-driven marketers at all levels of experience to connect, unify, analyse and act on all their marketing data.

The Challenge

To connect all the links between marketers, regions, campaigns, consumers, channels and agencies to make them work together. To enable this, we had to establish a TIER 1 and 1.5 service desk to act as a SPOC for all the counterparts involved.

Our main goals were to build a scalable team to address and solve TIER 1 technical issues and to provide cost-effective technical support to all the 3 main regions (US, UK, Australia). We had to address more than 70% of the current TIER 1 support requests and improve the level of service in terms of KPIs and SLAs.

  • July FY16 – 7 team members, 1 site manager
  • 30 January FY17: 7 new agents to cover US (2 shift leads, 2BI specialists, 1 agent, 2 managed services)
  • 24 April FY17: 7 new agents to start and cover UK and AU (1 shift manager,2 BI specialists)
  • May FY17 – UK “training + move” into UK shift
  • June FY17 – AU “training + move” to AU “split” shift (12-03 am, 06-09 am)
  • End of June FY17: 3 shifts, weekend duty
  • 4 September FY17: 4-6 new agents to cover for US growth (1 shift manager,2 BI specialists, 2 managed services)

The Solution

We covered all the profiles required: super-friendly, customer-oriented almost native English speaker-like, working 24/7 in shifts, covering NAFTA, EAME, and APAC. We built a team, skilled in excel, SQL, database modelling, BI background and the most difficult – to get through an interview conducted by former officers from the Israeli intelligence services.


The solution was built on various stages:

  1. We acquired the best-in-class site manager, previously acting as HP Global Account Delivery Manager for the oldest and most complex account within the EMEA structure.

The site manager went through a “fast forward” training programme held directly at the customer’s HQ in NY for 2 weeks and was then prepared for the upcoming challenges. Within 8 weeks we were able to hire two team leads and four agents with outstanding qualifications and a proved track record.


  1. In 7 weeks, we performed 123 interviews; each of the candidates spending 1.5 hours with us. From this number, 47 matched the exact profile and were then passed on for 4-hour discussion rounds.

However, only 15 reached the final stage from the pre-selected candidates: natural intelligence and background check, 2-hour cross-examination by us, client, site manager and intelligence officer. Finally, 12 qualified for an offer, of which 9 accepted.

Total time spent on recruitment: 248 hours plus 125 hours’ overtime for implementation within 7 weeks. Meanwhile, a core team of four agents, two TLs and SM delivered a green dashboard i.e. over-achieving the targets.

The deadline was met 2 days before expiration.

In view of the complexity of the profile, we totally rebranded the workspace together with the customer and enhanced the working conditions of the people:

  • Branded colourful walls
  • Spotify channel for better atmosphere at the office and high-end loudspeakers around the office
  • Daily snacks and refreshments (based on individual choice) and weekly happy hour (eat and drink whatever you want)
  • A budget for monthly team events, quarterly team building

After the hard work had been done, we “went live” on 6 February in the presence of the client’s VP, a trainer from the States and this so very special team.

Benefits / Results

  • Improved SLAs and KPIs
  • Improved knowledge
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved backlog management and incident lifecycle
  • Improved cost optimization and people retention
  • Improved process maturity and workflow