In Brief About The Client

A UK-based ICT services provider – with a customer base of 2,500+ customers and with 100,000 yearly transactions – was looking for a vendor that could process its transaction documents in a cost-effective manner.

The Challenge

A robust cash flow system had to be set up for the client in order to regulate the processing of the transaction documents (invoice, proof of delivery, bill of lading, etc.). The most challenging task was to process the document on the same day and process the payment on the following day.

The Solution

The solution team of trained and experienced accounting professionals studied the client’s business process and its operational needs. The team identified the different types of paperwork involved in the whole process and listed the different kinds of transactions. Based on the type of transaction, all the key information related to a transaction was recorded. This helped in reducing additional costs related to the process. A detailed process document was then developed by our team, which explained the classification of each transaction, along with the related documents.

The primary task of reducing the high number of escalations was achieved thanks to the outstanding way customer queries were handled by the innotec team. Besides, the suggestions offered by innotec to improve customer relationships proved to be successful for the client.

Benefits / Results

  • The payment cycle and delivery reception process improved dramatically thanks to the speedy processing of documents
  • The client’s operational costs were greatly reduced by opting for innotec offshore services
  • innotec capitalized on the different time zones prevailing in the four countries – Germany, UK, Bulgaria and USA – to successfully process all the necessary transactions before the next business day
  • The customer saved time on re-processing transactions and on exceptional processing