Veikko Brumby

Recruitment Manager


My Story

The connection between all the following: sales, customers from various industries and the opportunity for further development, motivated me to start working for inntoec.

Before I started, I already have had sales experience, and a basic understanding of IT industry, as also company structure knowledge.

Innotec provided me with the internal training and the ideal equipment for the successful entry into my first task, which at that time was Inside Sales Executive. I managed to create sales opportunities for well-known customers and/or software producers.

Development stage 1

I was able to develop myself as Junior Operation Management, based on the internal perspective model and the junior management development model. These were my personal objective and motivation, as well as the company’s willingness to invest further.

Development stage 2

After successful working as Junior Operation Management, I changed the position from associated admission to middle management. Then I was trained as recruitment manager and now I am responsible for the independent recruiting of new applicants.

Innotec fulfilled my expectations for a varied, innovative and secure workplace with a future perspective. I appreciate all opportunities and like the possibility to communicate on the same level across all departments.