SUCCESS STORY OF Radoslaw Kasiuk

Radoslaw Kasiuk

Project Manager


My Story

Looking back at more than 6 years of employment for innotec, I can definitively say that I chose the right company.

During the years of work at innotec, I was able to successfully support the sales structures of the different customers from the IT. This implies the acquisition of new customers and associated sales growth for our customers. Within the framework of this sales activity, I was able to acquire a lot of market experience in the development of large and medium-sized companies, as well as small enterprises.

These successfully collected empirical values, have paved the way of my next development stage at innotec. The next stage of my career path, which I actually reach was to become project manager, responsible for the various customer projects.

I am working now with international innotec clients across Bulgaria, Germany, Ireland and Poland.